I've had Norlander socks on everyday Turkey Hunting! I don't wear anything else now!! Even around the house I broke out 2 new pairs of lightweight ones for my trip and oh man are they nice!

-Rick S. Sr.


Received my order yesterday! I'm extremely happy with my purchase.

I spoke with someone on chat before purchasing regarding the elasticity

of the cuffs.  Very, very satisfied! The comfort on the bottom of the feet

is unbelievably cushioned and soft. I will be buying more soon. Thank you

so much!



Great people who work there and great alpaca socks!


Exceptional product paired with exceptional customer service.

Norlander is one of my favorite companies to work with.

~Elaine with Woodland Meadow Farm

Nice socks!

~Claudia with Ad Astra Alpacas

Quality products. Great company to work with.

~Laurie with AA Alpaca Farm

Great company to work with!

~Tracy with Tag Along Alpacas, LLC.

Quick shipping, excellent customer service, very personable.

~Goldie with Everything Alpaca

Excellent communication to match the socks.


Because of a recently acquired disability I have lost many of my computer skills and recently an application I made to the Norlander Alpaca Socks Company via my computer to purchase some of their Alpaca socks was quite inadequate. However, after receiving my application Norlander staff took the initiative to contact me, discuss my situation, sort out my order and organize delivery. I greatly appreciate the consideration and personal service I received from Norlander.

I find my Norlander alpaca socks to be very versatile, they keep my feet warm and cushioned at night, are very comfortable as sleepwear and also perform very well as daywear.

Really great socks.

~ Harold

These socks are awesome! They fit perfectly and keep my feet warm.

~ Gary R.

Not only are these the best, warmest and most comfortable socks but their customer service is above and beyond. Thank you!

~ SA Rinzai

Their socks are wonderful, only kind my husband will wear. Above and beyond customer service as well. The only socks we buy now worth every penny!

~ MB

These are well-crafted socks. I've been buying a few pairs every few months so I don't have to launder them as much. Ive got about 15 pairs of low-cut lightweights, they are so comfortable and durable. I wear them at least 2 days in a row, sometimes 3. I soak them in Woolite for 20 mins then cold wash, no dryer! I still have the first pairs I bought in 2018. Ordered more today!

~ Jeremy M

I absolutely love Norlander socks!!! Worth every penny. Trust me. Seriously. The most comfortable socks I've ever owned and they are super cute! The company is amazing and super friendly as well ❤️❤️
~ Tyler B.

I am a new customer and I just purchased my first couple of pair of your socks. They are absolutely wonderful!! I will be back to buy some of your shorter socks 4 summertime.

~ Martha

I love Norlander socks. Since I discovered them, I feel like Goldilocks, because my feet are just right. Never too hot or too cold, never clammy or smelly. These magic Norlander alpaca socks are just gloriously comfortable. It is hard to explain what a gift it is to have perfectly comfortable socks. I did not know I didn’t have them until I received these magic Norlander alpaca socks. I like them so much, I bought some for my husband. I bought them for my parents. I bought them for my boss, and my assistant, too. I sent a pair to my financial planner, and tucked a pair around a bottle of wine for my neighbor. They are perfect. And, there is one wonderful whimsical touch on these socks (in addition to the delightful colors the socks come in) that gladdens my heart every time I see it. On the bottom of each sole is an alpaca with a heart on it. I smile whenever I see it because I am reminded how happy my feet are, and how genuinely caring the people at Norlander are. I’ve had to email them twice, and they picked up the phone and called me, right away, and were helpful, and genuine, and so completely nice it was like getting a warm hug. If you don’t love these socks, you must not have feet, it’s as simple as that.

With appreciation for your hard work and excellent products,

~ Emily

I have purchased your heavy duty socks and they are the best socks I have ever had for the extreme cold while snow shoeing in the white mountains of N.H.

~ Timothy

The socks are great quality and we’ve been extremely satisfied.

~ Rebecca W.

Dear Norlander,
I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your socks and all the tender loving care you put into each pair. My wife purchased my first pair of Norlander Alpaca socks and we have purchased at least 8 more pairs since then. Wearing your socks is the very nicest thing that I do for my body! I even wear a pair of your heavy duty socks at night to keep my toes warm and my heels from hurting (I'm a back sleeper). And I find that I reach for your socks FIRST whenever I go into my sock drawer. That says it all. Your socks have made a real difference in the quality of my life and I thank you for it. Please keep following your hearts.

With great appreciation,

~ Joel

My wife loves your socks. She's diabetic and the "Almost No Toe Seam" is a blessing. Thank you!

~ John B.

Wow, I just have to tell you that our delivery, ordered yesterday from U.S. to Canada through Customs arrived today!
Socks look great. Thank you.

~ Sharon

Received our Alpaca socks today. Can't wait to try them on. Washing them first as directions say. They're so so so soft!!

~ Diane

YUM soft-warm-comfy cozy. And they fit!
I was cold last night & needed warm socks.
I grabbed these & they are perfect.
Thank you so very much.

~ Carol M.

I randomly came across the Norlander Sock Company on the internet. I am a diabetic and frequently have problems with my toes and feet being cold. The socks had great reviews so I decided to give them a try. I bought one pair for myself, both of my daughters, my sister and my husband for Christmas. The verdict: I will never buy socks from another company. My whole family loved them without exception and that includes yes... even my husband!! They are warm and oh so soft. I was worried they would feel more like wool. That certainly was not the case. I'm anxious to try the lightweight socks now.

Thank you Norlander Sock Company for a superior product!! We love them!!

Greatest Socks Ever!!

~ Robyn M.

Love love love these socks

~ Clarissa R.

I own Accoyo Acres alpacas and have sold Norlander socks for the past few years. Everyone loves them... even our Alpaca Yoga instructor wears them to class!

~ Louise E.

Like many people who have passed 70, my feet get cold at night and I had tried all kinds of socks, even slippers to keep them warm at night; nothing worked. Fortunately, while looking for a new alpaca golf sweater I came across Norlander’s sock advertisement which mentioned alpaca’s temperature control properties. Since I knew how comfortable alpaca sweaters were in all kinds of weather for golf, I decided to try a pair of lightweight ankle socks, and, as they say, the rest is history.

This Christmas all eight members of my family got an assortment of lightweight short and crew socks. In addition to those, my Division 1 volleyball player got a pair of heavyweight crew socks to wear under her sand socks, and I gave myself another pair of crews. I think I now have 9 or 10 pairs and have a pair of brown lightweight crew’s on as I write this. I can’t offer a better recommendation than that!
I sleep in them. I wear them to play golf. They are my everyday socks, and they are long wearing. You will love them!

~ John E.

Some people collect purses but I collect Norlander socks! I discovered Norlander socks a few years back. I was having several different medical issues with my feet & needed to keep them warm & cushioned. So I began my internet search. After trying a few different brands I came across Norlander & their Alpaca socks. I’m not a fan of regular wool. I find it scratchy & terribly hot. After reading the description I went ahead & ordered the Alpaca lightweight crew socks. The ordering process is easy & they were shipped immediately. When I put them on I knew my search was over. They are so very soft & the fit is perfect. Being summertime I was expecting my feet to sweat. This wasn’t an issue because these socks are very breathable while keeping my feet warm. Now Norlander socks, ordered directly from Norlander, are the only socks I wear. My collection consists of both heavyweight & lightweight, boot, crew, short & ankle! I am going to share the love by giving these as Christmas presents this year. You don’t need to have problems with your feet to try these. Order a pair to Pamper your feet. You’ll become a fan like me! I’ve attached a picture of a small example of my collection!

~ Liz

If you are hesitant about the Alpaca socks, don’t be. They are by far the best I have ever had. Super comfortable and they keep my feet warm. Nothing has been able to to that. Plus I can sleep with them on my feet. Haven’t been able to do that with anything else. Very high quality and they look good as well.

My first pair was a gift of Heavyweight. Since then I have been back to buy the Gift Box in the Lightweight. Just recently I have purchased the Gift Box in the Heavyweight. There will always be Alpaca socks on my feet.

Thanks for a great product. Also nice that when you reach out to this company you actually get to talk to people and not machines. Don’t lose that touch.

A very satisfied customer,

~ Charyn Z

Norlander Alpaca Socks are the very best socks you can buy. They keep me cozy, comfy and warm all year long. Easy to launder will dry overnight if hand washed. Totally pampered, staff second to none. Your the best!

Thank you,

~ Linda

Best Socks Ever!

~ Sue B.

We sell yarn, rugs and other products made from our alpaca fleece in our small farm store and at the local farmers' market. Since we began carrying Norlander Socks two years ago they have become second only to our yarns as a best seller in the store. I only have to talk a new customer into purchasing the first pair and they invariably come back for more. These easy-care and durable luxury socks literally sell themselves. Many customers purchase them as gifts, especially around the holidays.

Personally, we have discovered that they are ideal for traveling at home and abroad as they can be washed out in the evening with ordinary shampoo (as a substitute for Woolite), hung in the shower stall overnight and they are dry by morning, allowing us to reduce the amount of clothing that we pack for long trips.

At home, I launder them with my delicate clothing and dry them on the low heat cycle. This is what I recommend to our customers. Although our college aged granddaughter tells us that she washes them with whatever load she's throwing in and they come out just fine!
Thanks for providing us such a high quality alpaca product to sell in our little store.

~ Buckeye Star Alpacas

They keep my feet toasty! They feel wonderful on my feet. They wash and dry great!

~ Carol G.

Ordered before, love these socks

~ Jeremy M.

I received my socks - just love them!

~ Angie

Just a quick note to tell you how much I love these socks!! Just ordered more tonight, (third order), and couldn't be happier! I have neuropathy in my feet, so they are for the most part, almost always cold. Can't tell you how many different brands I have tried over the years, trying to substantiate all their claims, all to no avail. The difference between them and your's is, "your's work"!! I, (and now, also my wife), now consider you to be our sock of choice. "THANK YOU", so much, and will be hearing from me again, in the future!!

~ Robert

I love your product! They wear better than any alpaca socks I’ve worn!

~ Angela

Bought a pair at Peeka Ranch gift shop in Burton, TX and only socks my daughter will wear.  She's very sensitive and LOVES these. Thank you!

~ Renae

They are so soft and feel great on my feet with the neuropathy I have.

~ Melissa

Your socks are the best I have ever worn!

~ Ahui H.

Arrived rapidly and item as described. Love these socks!

~ Anonymous

Thanks for your prompt shipment of our sock order. We are very impressed with your socks. We will be featuring them at our next two product shows over the next 3 weeks .

~ Charles with Aubrey Oaks Alpacas

Love these socks and all the people there!!!

~ Cathi

I'm very happy with my new socks. Thank you and I will be ordering again.

~ Lisa H.

Super comfortable socks absolutely love them!

~ Anonymous

These are so breathable, that when you’re wearing them without shoes, you can feel the air moving through the fabric.

~ Billy Q.

Really warm socks

~ Anonymous

My husband always complains about cold feet. These socks are soft and warm. He wants more in different colors. I bought them as one of his Christmas gifts and I think this gift was his favorite. I bought the mid calf or crew type. They are comfortable on his calves, not too tight.

~ Pamela M.

These are the warmest most comfortable socks, but your feet won't sweat!

~ Joseph W.

I really appreciate your customer service and loved your socks!

~ Sarah B.

Great socks and wonderful people

~ Jennifer S.

I’m obsessed with these. They are so cozy and warm

~ Sarah N.

Well made, comfortable and stylish. They keep my feet warm and happy

~ Laurie K.

These socks are like a giant hug for your feet! Super soft and well made.

~ Melissa

I love my new socks and going to make them my birthday gift to everybody this year. They are so warm and comfortable.

~ John

My wife loves your socks. She been crazy about them ever since I bought her one pair on a trip to Vermont.
So I just bought her some more for Valentines.
I wrote her some poetry to go with it and thought I’d share it with you.

Love isn’t holding doors or a bouquet of flowers

And it isn’t jewelry or fancy restaurants

It’s a hug when she needs it most and even when she doesn’t

It’s knowing the words to lift her up when her confidence is failing

And it’s knowing when to shut-up and sit with her in silence

It’s bringing extra gloves because you knew she’d forget hers

And it’s letting her use you to warm her freakishly cold feet

It’s remembering all her favorite things because seeing her smile is your favorite thing

And it’s getting her those alpaca fur socks she likes, because I mean seriously now,

How can anyone’s feet actually be that cold!?!

~ Barry

Super fast! And I am in love with these socks! Will tell all my friends! Thanks a million


~ Crystal D

My customers love them and so do I. I wash them with my delicate's in my front loading machine and dry them in the dryer with the delicate's, too! (My college aged granddaughter just successfully tosses them in with whatever she is laundering.) This is often what sells the first pair to customers. Wearing them ensures that the customers will come back for more.

~ Linda A.


~ Anonymous

Cushioned and very soft. Comfortable. Color matches "caramel" colored shoes perfectly. Ordered two more pair.

~ David

I received my socks and I LOVE them!!!! I just had knee replacement surgery last Thurs. and I have been wearing them and they feel so good!! I have worn various brands of alpaca socks for 20 years so I know a good sock when I see one, lol. I will be ordering more for sure when I get back to work and have more money. I will be telling my friends too. Thanks!!!

Made it in the running at the Baden Wurttemberg Championship. Of course because I was wearing your socks! Norlander Alpaca Socks!!

~ Mike

I didn’t think I would ever be able to find something to ease the pain of cold feet caused by neuropathy. I heard about Norlander socks and tried them. I am amazed that my feet are warm without the bulk of multiple pairs of socks. Awesome product.

~ Dee W.

The truth is, I think your socks are some of the best in the industry. I am literally wearing some now - it is 15 degrees here today and I walked three miles this morning. I have had the opportunity to wear many brands and yours impress me as try comparable to some of the big name Merino high performance socks out there.

~ Meyla

I love the socks, absolutely love them. I went hunting the other day in Michigan when it was -4 and my feet were soft and warm and I couldn't tell people fast enough. It also made me realize that I want to see you guys succeed!

~ Paul P.

Just received my first order of short heavyweight socks and they are super! I needed something to sleep in during the winter and they fit the bill perfectly. Thanks! The color selection is great.
Thanks again for just a great product.

~ John E

"Love these socks! Super soft and comfortable. They keep my feet nice and warm on these cold winter days. Excellent quality."

~ Geralyn K.

"Got these socks as a gift and absolutely fell in love!!! The best winter socks ever!"

~ Robyn S.

"I went on vacation to Iceland and packed a number of socks. I wore cotton socks but my toes were freezing so I put on my Norlander Alpaca Socks. I wore them the whole trip."

~ Stephanie S

"There are often alpaca socks at my local farmer's market but they were hand wash only. I like Norlander Socks because I can throw them in the washer and dryer but they stay in great shape. I've given them as gifts to a number of people."

~ Cary C.

"I wear these alpaca socks when I go deer hunting. They keep my feet warm up in the stand!"

~ Joe L.

"I have neuropathy in my feet and I love Norlander Alpaca Socks. They keep my feet warm without overheating and ease the pain in my feet."

~ Steve R.

"We attended a large event in our area this past weekend - I purchased the new Baby Alpaca Lightweight socks for the event and we sold. We had a few customers who asked if we could special order for them, of course, I said yes! I have never sold out of a sock before! These the foot-bed area is amazing, not to mention the cute alpaca that is stitched on each sock. Kim and her crew take customer service serious The baby alpaca lightweight socks are my new favorite! I even ordered a few for myself!"

~ Cammie N