How should I care for my socks?

Wash Alpaca socks in cool water on gentle cycle and tumble dry. These durable socks will not shrink like other socks made from natural fibers. The socks may look smaller after being washed, but will return to their original size after you put them on.

Are Norlander’s socks 100% Alpaca?

Norlander socks are made from a blend of Alpaca, Acrylic and Nylon. This blend creates excellent durability and longevity to the socks which means longer wear and machine-washing while remaining soft and luxurious. 100% Pure Alpaca socks would wear through, shrink and pill.

How do I order?

Use our secure on-line ordering system to order the socks you would like to purchase, or you can call our customer service line at 636-685-0031.

What size alpaca socks should I purchase?

Once you choose a style on our website, below is a easy to read sizing chart for men and woman per shoe size.
(Norlander does not carry children’s alpaca socks at this time.)

What is the fiber content of the socks?

Norlander Sock Company have been making Heavyweight and Lightweight Alpaca Socks for over 10 years. As Alpaca owners we would like to have the highest percentage of alpaca for comfort and quality.

Research and development show that the higher percentage of alpaca is not always better. With higher content of alpaca fiber, the socks are not as durable and do not wear as well. You would not be able to machine wash and dry your alpaca socks.

Wearing Norlander Alpaca socks you can machine wash and dry them on low heat. We use the optimum percentage of alpaca to make our Norlander Socks the best alpaca socks on the market.
Our Heavyweight Alpaca Socks are made with 48% Alpaca Fiber, 40% Acrylic, 8% Nylon, and 4% Elastic.
Our Lightweight Baby Alpaca Socks are made with 41% Baby Alpaca, 34% Acrylic, 23% Nylon, and 2% Elastic.

Where are the socks manufactured?

We have our socks manufactured in Peru because this is where the alpaca originates from and there is no shortage in fleece. Our manufacturer has over 55 years’ experience in creating luxury alpaca socks.
Now they are producing the finest alpaca socks for Norlander Sock Company.
United States has a have free trade with Peru. Which makes this relationship very interchangeable and easy to work with.

What is the guarantee?

We give 100% money back guarantee or exchange within 30 days.

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