Aside from alpaca hair being so soft that you can wear right next to your skin, what’s so special about alpaca fiber?  The quick answer is… It’s warmer and stronger than the fiber of other mammals, lightweight, and very water resistant. But, it has other amazing qualities, as well.

Let’s dive in.
We know first hand from wearing them on our own feet, but also the Norlander Sock fans tell us that socks made from alpaca fibers are very warm but that their feet don’t feel sweaty while wearing them.  While wearing alpaca socks, your feet remain comfortable in the cold and even in the wettest conditions.
It’s all about comfort.
The human foot has thousands of nerve endings which is one of the reasons why feet are such a tender body part. Those nerve endings mean itchy socks can be practically unbearable for those with sensitive skin. Norlander’s Alpaca Socks are made with natural fibers that are not itchy like wool.
You will feel the warmth.
Fleece from alpacas is very cozy and even warmer than sheep wool. Alpacas have hollow fiber “fur” which provides superior insulation, even when wet. When wearing Norlander Alpaca Socks, warmth is held close to the feet for optimal thermal comfort, even in the coldest conditions.
The stink is GONE!
The alpaca fibers’ luster and strength that make up each Norlander Sock are not compromised during our dying process.

Norlander’s Alpaca Socks are the world’s best socks because Alpacas are unique animals with special properties.  The fleece of alpacas allow Norlander Socks to create soft, luxurious, moisture-wicking socks. With a variety of colors and styles, we think that Norlander Alpaca Socks are truly the world’s best socks.Try them- your feet won’t be sorry!