Jingle bells, jingle bells…

As the holiday season approaches quickly, Norlander Sock company has come out with a wonderful and colorful keepsake gift box with a magnetic closure filled with a selection of socks. These lightweight or heavyweight alpaca socks are made with only the finest alpaca fleece you’ll ever experience.

You pick the size and colors and we’ll ship it to your special someone! The gift box can be given for holidays, birthdays, weddings, Valentine Day or anytime you want to make someone feel warm inside.

Need more reasons to love our newest gift boxes? We’ve got 4!


Want a certain color and style sock in your box? No problem!

Unlike many gift boxes during the holiday season, ours is completely customizable.  You pick the size and colors – meaning you should snag up enough socks in one box to even give as a couples gift! Make selections from our heavy or lightweight sock styles.

Included in our heavyweight gift box: Choose 1 short sock, 1 crew sock, and 1 boot sock.

Included in our lightweight box: Choose 1 ankle sock, 1 short, and 2 crew socks.


It’s more than just good socks.

Along with the goods of giving Norlander Socks you’ll be giving a keepsake box that features a magnetic closure and is uniquely designed to be multi-purpose long after the gift has been given.


You’re supporting a small business!

For years many holiday shoppers have been intentional about where they purchase from – locally sourced – rather than big box stores. When you give a Norlander Socks gift box, you’re doing just that! Supporting the local businesses in your neighborhood.


Norlander socks are made of the highest quality Alpaca fiber.

Your feet will be warm and dry in the winter. Our fibers are breathable and moisture wicking so you will be comfortable in these durable socks.

Alpacas produce fine fiber that is soft to the touch and causes less itching than wool and other natural fibers. Because it is smoother and lighter than other natural fibers, alpaca is the ideal sock material.


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