Lightweight Alpaca Socks are perfect summer socks! Alpaca fleece has natural properties that makes it ideal for summer weight clothing like alpaca socks. Alpacas are native to South Americans Andes where they live around 16,000 feet above sea level. Due to their native environment, alpacas have to adjust to extreme temperature changes. Alpaca fleece is the trick to regulating temperature and keeping comfortable in all seasons. With Norlander Alpaca Socks, humans get the same benefit as alpacas and use their fleece to ensure comfort when the weather turns hot. Norlander’s Alpaca Socks are also unique because the natural fabric is breathable and not coarse. Unlike other natural fibers, alpaca is not itchy so your feet will be comfortable in all conditions.

Norlander Alpaca Socks are made from soft, durable alpaca fleece.

Norlander Alpaca Socks are made with fleece from our adorable alpacas.


Wearing alpaca socks keeps your feet warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Alpaca fleece is naturally breathable, moisture wicking, and odor absorbent so feet stay dry and comfortable through hot summer days. Norlander’s Alpaca Socks come in lightweight and heavyweight styles to keep your feet happy in all seasons. For warm weather, Norlander Lightweight Alpaca Socks come in ankle and short styles with a variety of color choices.


The main reason why customers love Norlander Alpaca Socks is they feel better than any other fabric on sensitive feet.  In addition to being soft, Norlander’s Alpaca Blend is durable and will not pill or shrink over time. They can be machine washed and dried as well so they are as convenient as they are comfortable. Norlander Alpaca Socks look great even after wearing and washing through the seasons.


Love your feet, love your socks with Norlander Sock Company.