Norlander Alpaca Socks are Not Itchy.

Wool is itchy. Alpaca is not. No one likes itchy feet!

The human foot has thousands of nerve endings which is one of the reasons why feet are such a tender body part. Those nerve endings mean itchy socks can be practically unbearable for those with sensitive skin. Norlander’s Alpaca Socks are made with natural fibers that are not itchy like wool.

Sheep’s wool and Alpaca fiber are both natural materials which are excellent clothing materials but Alpaca is easier to wear for many people because it is not “prickly” like wool.  Many people find wool irritating against their skin but tolerate Alpaca Fiber without problems. Wool also naturally contains lanolin which can cause allergic reactions. Alpaca is considered a dry fiber, without lanolin, which means no allergic reactions.

Wool has scales which makes it more coarse than other natural fibers. These scales are why wool feels itchy; When it rubs against skin, scales can ‘catch’ on the skin and cause irritation. Alpaca fiber does not have these prickly scales so the individual strands are naturally smoother.  Some clothing lines of wool are now being promoted as “super washed” so they are less itchy.  However, this process entails using caustic chemicals to remove the wool’s lanolin and scales. The chemical treatments used in this process creates wastewater with toxins. Since Alpaca Fiber does not need these treatments, it is an eco-friendly alternative with a lower environmental impact.

Norlander Alpaca Socks are wonderful socks for those with sensitive skin. Alpaca is a wonderful natural fabric and your feet will be comfortable in our socks. Try them today, your feet will thank you!