Norlander Alpaca Socks are Great with Boots!

Norlander Alpaca Socks are great for outdoor activities like hunting, fishing or hiking because of alpaca fiber’s unique characteristics.  Alpaca fiber is hollow and very fine; this means it has optimal insulation but is a breathable fiber which is ideal for socks. Alpaca fiber is three times warmer than wool but hypoallergenic and not itchy against sensitive skin. Alpaca socks keep feet warm but wick moisture so the wearer’s feet stay comfortable and dry.

Alpaca fiber “breathes” by allowing air to act as an insulator to keep your feet warm, dry and odor free. Alpaca socks pull wetness away from the skin so feet don’t become sweaty and remain comfortable. They are also incredibly durable socks because alpaca has one of the highest tensile strengths of any natural fibers. Tensile strength means it is capable of being stretched without breaking down which means alpaca socks are incredibly durable and long lasting.

Our customers who are outdoor enthusiasts have switched to alpaca from wool socks to keep their feet warm while hunting, hiking or fishing. Alpaca is similar to wool but has some important differences.  Both wool and alpaca have great odor control and both retain heat when wet. The main difference, however, is that alpaca is naturally less itchy because the fiber is smoother and lacks the scales which gives wool a “prickly” feel.  Unlike wool, Norlander Alpaca Socks won’t shrink or lose their shape.  They are machine washable and retain their shape after being repeatedly worn and washed.

Norlander makes heavy and lightweight Alpaca socks. Our heavyweight socks are terry lined for cushioned comfort. They are the warmest alpaca socks around and will keep your feet very warm in cold weather. Our lightweight alpaca socks are lighter and ideal for warmer weather. While hiking or running, our lightweight socks provide a comfortable fit in boots or running shoes. We recommend wearing them for all of your favorite outdoor activities!