As the winter season rolls in, there are many tricks and tips to surviving the chilly temperatures. For many, we focus on cold and flu remedies and what coat to purchase that offers a guarantee to keep you guarded against the negative temperatures… but what about your feet?

We’ve rounded up five reasons why Alpaca socks are a winter essential for everyone in your home!

Alpaca Socks are Soft

Alpaca fiber does not have the scales like other natural fibers so it is smoother and by default will keep your little toes feeling comfy all the day long. Norlander Alpaca Socks do not feel scratchy on the skin. It is so smooth, it can be worn against the skin without irritation.


Alpaca Fiber is Warm

The fleece from alpacas is very cozy and even warmer than sheep wool- can you believe it?!  Alpacas have hollow fiber “fur” which provides superior insulation, even when wet. When wearing Norlander Alpaca Socks, warmth is held close to the feet for optimal thermal comfort, even in the coldest conditions. This makes our socks perfect for daily wear, or even in the outdoors when camping or hiking.


Alpaca Socks Wick Moisture

Yes, alpacas get wet in a rainstorm but, their fiber has excellent moisture wicking properties. Because alpaca fiber is hollow, it traps heat and repels water, preventing saturation on the skin. Plus, when breaking a sweat you won’t so quickly notice having wet socks… or even at all!


Alpaca Socks are Odor Resistant

Norlander Alpaca Socks contain fibers that are naturally anti-microbial which means our socks that do not absorb odor.


Norlander Alpaca Socks are Colorful

Our socks come in a variety of colors. Alpaca fiber is an eco-friendly, renewable fiber. The alpaca fibers’ luster and strength are not compromised during our dying process.


Discover why so many are finding extreme comfort from Norlander Alpaca socks, give our heavyweight collection a try.