February 20, 2019

My wife loves your socks. She been crazy about them ever since I bought her one pair on a trip to Vermont. 
So I just bought her some more for Valentines.
I wrote her some poetry to go with it and thought I’d share it with you.

Love isn’t holding doors or a bouquet of flowers 

And it isn’t jewelry or fancy restaurants 

It’s a hug when she needs it most and even when she doesn’t 

It’s knowing the words to lift her up when her confidence is failing 

And it’s knowing when to shut-up and sit with her in silence 

It’s bringing extra gloves because you knew she’d forget hers

And it’s letting her use you to warm her freakishly cold feet 

It’s remembering all her favorite things because seeing her smile is your favorite thing 

And it’s getting her those alpaca fur socks she likes, because I mean seriously now,

how can anyone’s feet actually be that cold!?!