March 1, 2021

I love Norlander socks. Since I discovered them, I feel like Goldilocks, because my feet are just right. Never too hot or too cold, never clammy or smelly. These magic Norlander alpaca socks are just gloriously comfortable. It is hard to explain what a gift it is to have perfectly comfortable socks. I did not know I didn’t have them until I received these magic Norlander alpaca socks. I like them so much, I bought some for my husband. I bought them for my parents. I bought them for my boss, and my assistant, too. I sent a pair to my financial planner, and tucked a pair around a bottle of wine for my neighbor. They are perfect. And, there is one wonderful whimsical touch on these socks (in addition to the delightful colors the socks come in) that gladdens my heart every time I see it. On the bottom of each sole is an alpaca with a heart on it. I smile whenever I see it because I am reminded how happy my feet are, and how genuinely caring the people at Norlander are. I’ve had to email them twice, and they picked up the phone and called me, right away, and were helpful, and genuine, and so completely nice it was like getting a warm hug. If you don’t love these socks, you must not have feet, it’s as simple as that.


With appreciation for your hard work and excellent products,