January 2, 2020
Like many people who have passed 70, my feet get cold at night and I had tried all kinds of socks, even slippers to keep them warm at night; nothing worked.  Fortunately, while looking for a new alpaca golf sweater I came across Norlander’s sock advertisement which mentioned alpaca’s temperature control properties.  Since I knew how comfortable alpaca sweaters were in all kinds of weather for golf, I decided to try a pair of lightweight ankle socks, and, as they say, the rest is history.
This Christmas all eight members of my family got an assortment of lightweight short and crew socks. In addition to those, my Division 1 volleyball player got a pair of heavyweight crew socks to wear under her sand socks, and I gave myself another pair of crews.  I think I now have 9 or 10 pairs and have a pair of brown lightweight crew’s on as I write this.  I can’t offer a better recommendation than that!
I sleep in them. I wear them to play golf.  They are my everyday socks, and they are long wearing.  You will love them !