October 9, 2019
We sell yarn, rugs and other products made from our alpaca fleece  in our small farm store and at the local farmers’ market. Since we began carrying Norlander Socks two years ago they have become second only to our yarns as a best seller in the store. I only have to talk a new customer into purchasing the first pair and they invariably come back for more. These easy-care and durable luxury socks literally sell themselves. Many customers purchase them as gifts, especially around the holidays.
Personally, we have discovered that they are ideal for traveling at home and abroad as they can be washed out in the evening with ordinary shampoo (as a substitute for Woolite), hung in the shower stall overnight and they are dry by morning, allowing us to reduce the amount of clothing that we pack for long trips.
At home, I launder them with my delicate clothing and dry them on the low heat cycle. This is what I recommend to our customers. Although our college aged granddaughter tells us that she washes them with whatever load she’s throwing in and they come out just fine!
Thanks for providing us such a high quality alpaca product to sell in our little store.
Buckeye Star Alpacas